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These write-ups really feel personal to me..... But I'm also hopeful that there are others who are trying, just like me. And I won't give up but if its undeniably necessary...then quiting is the final antidote.

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I actually do admire your courage at starting the CPD series. I am sure you're well aware of the fact that people don't read a lot in this part of the world, and you still were undaunted and started writing anyways! That takes a great deal of courage and determination!

I can identify with the "burnt-out" feeling, as I have been going through a similar phase in the past few days!

You should take some time off in order to regain your strength and energy. However, you are doing a great deal that many people will find difficult to even venture at starting - especially in the intellectual space of penning down your thoughts and feelings. So, don't quit!

I am glad you are married and therefore potentially has someone close to share your thoughts, emotions and other sides to you with.

I believe things will work well for you eventually. Don't wait on however for YouTube, Instagram etc to validate you. You are already precious to God regardless of your perceived successes or failures.

Chin-up and cheer-up!

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Thank you so much Olumide. I feel encouraged

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