Being a matured student, I envisaged I would struggle on this journey a lot..

I have my challenges that I face one day at a time BUT your emails keep me going.

Initially, it was like Ok... but I look forward to them these days and it seems I am holding your hand as I navigate this journey myself.

You are doing great and for the records, you help me stay grounded.

Thought I should share this with you.

Do, have an amazing week ahead.

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You're doing great girl. I admire your courage, it takes a lot of boldness to share about ones personal life but you do that and I always look forward to reading them. A big shout out to you. Happy November to us in advance 💕💕💕 may we get all we ask for. Amen💖

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Oct 31, 2022·edited Oct 31, 2022

I have never had to comment on your dispatch letters but I always look forward to it..

Thanks for speaking about unsolicited advice ,I wish people learn that you don’t advice or throw words at others when they didn’t ask for it …

Wish I have the mental strength to share my mental health battles and ask people to take their advice elsewhere but just until then ,I will keep relieving it by writing it down in my personal heart pouring book ..

Keep doing you Dera!!!

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